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Cayenne Pepper Powder


Cayenne Pepper Powder

The cayenne pepper is a type of capsicum annuum. It is usually a moderately hot chili pepper used to flavor dishes.

Some key features of our Cayenne Pepper Powder include:

  • Farmers Spice premium quality Cayenne powder
  • It is often the main ingredient in chili powders and hot sauces
  • Starts with whole, ripe peppers
  • Add bold flavor to pizza, tacos, spaghetti, curried dishes, casseroles, barbecued beef, port or chicken, seafood, combos and where spicy-hot food is desired
  • Add special spicy flavor to your dish
  • Packed in the USA to assure maximum quality and safetyOur company does not add anti-caking agents to our products, which results in better-tasting spices with the peace of mind of not consuming foreign substances. Slight clumping and caking is normal. If clumping occurs in a jar of spices, use a spoon or fork to break up the clumps, in a Flatpack or bag, you can massage the spice to work the clumps out before opening it.Most spices do not "expire." Spices will lose flavor and color over time, as their volatile oils (from where the aromas and flavors derive) evaporate, but spoiling is not a concern for a majority of our products (exceptions: cheese powders/blends and sesame seeds are recommended to be replaced each year). For optimal flavor, we recommend that our ground spices and blends get used within 12 to 18 months, after opening. If your spices are moving beyond that time frame, you're still fine to use them, but you'll find that you're using more to match the original flavor punch. As we reconsider our packaging and labeling, we are planning to add a suggested "use by" date on our spices.  Fresh spices, ground and blended in small batches, are our calling card, so you have our assurance that nothing you buy from us will ever have been sitting on a shelf for months.

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